Supreme Court and State Law Library

Supreme Court and State Law Library

Online Databases

The Law Library provides eight public workstations in the library with free access to the following legal research databases.

Patrons may view information online or print materials ($.25 per page) from either of the databases.


Law Journal Library is an image-based (PDF) collection of over 2,000 legal and law-related periodicals beginning with the first volume of each publication and continuing to the most recent issue available

The database also provides access to well-known legal texts, federal laws and regulations, U. S. Supreme court cases, opinions of the U.S. Attorneys General, public papers of the presidents, U.S. treaties, and more.


Patron Access allows users to research federal and state cases, statutes, regulations, court rules, attorney general opinions, journal articles, legal texts, and more.

Users are required to agree to a click-through user agreement. Please read this agreement carefully.

Our license agreement does not allow patrons to email documents to themselves nor save them on the hard drive or on a storage device.

Rise of American Law

Rise of American Law is a digital compilation of out-of-print secondary law texts designed for legal scholars and historical researchers. It includes content, largely unavailable elsewhere, from 19th- and 20th-century legal texts and contains more than 1,700 volumes (400 titles).

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