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Alabama Pattern Jury Instructions - Criminal Proceedings

All documents are in pdf format.

Parties to Offenses

Liability [13A-2-20]

Accountability for Behavior of Another [13A-2-21]

Accountability for Behavior of Another-Innocent Person's Behavior [13A-2-22]

Accountability for Behavior of Another-Accessory [13A-2-23]

Accountability for Behavior of Another-No Accountability [13A-2-24]

Accountability for Behavior of Another-Defenses [13A-2-25]

Corporate Conduct [13A-2-26]

Capital Murder

Aggravating Factors

Guilt Phase

Murder During Robbery in the First Degree (or Attempt Thereof) (Serious
Physical Injury) [13A-5-40(a)(2)]

Murder of Two or More Persons (Single Act) [13A-5-40(a)(10)]

Murder of Two or More Persons (Pursuant to One Scheme or Course of
Conduct) [13A-5-40(a)(10)]

Murder of a Public Official [13A-5-40(a)(11)]

Murder Within 20 Years of a Previous Murder Conviction [13A-5-40(a)(13)]

Murder of a Witness [13A-5-40(a)(14)]

Murder of Victim Less Than 14 Years of Age [13A-5-40(a)(15)]

Murder By or Through Deadly Weapon Used from Outside Dwelling Upon a Victim
Inside Dwelling [13A-5-40(a)(16)]

Murder By or Through Deadly Weapon Used Upon a Victim Inside a
Vehicle [13A-5-40(a)(17)]

Murder By or Through Deadly Weapon Used Within or From a Vehicle [13A-5-40(a)(18)]

Penalty Phase

Criminal Damage to Property

Criminal Mischief 1st Degree - Damage Exceeds $2500 [13A-7-21(a)(1)]

Criminal Mischief 1st Degree- Damage Inflicted by Explosion [13A-7-21(a)(2)]

Criminal Mischief 2nd Degree-Damage Exceeds $500 but not $2500 [13A-7-22]

Criminal Mischief 3rd Degree- Damage Does Not Exceed $500 [13A-7-23]

Desecration, Defacement of Memorial of Dead (Tree, Shrub, Plant, Flower,
etc.) [13A-7-23.1(a)]

Desecrating, Destroying Burial Grounds or Human Remains (Tomb, Monument,
Gravestone, Memorial, etc.) [13A-7-23.1(a)]

Invasion or Mutilation of Corpse [13A-7-23.1(b)]

Criminal Tampering 1st Degree(Interruption or Impairment) [13A-7-25(a)(1)]

Criminal Tampering 1st Degree (Threatens) [13A-7-25(a)(2)]

Criminal Tampering 2nd Degree (Property of Another) [13A-7-26(a)(1)]

Criminal Tampering 2nd Degree (Property or Utility) [13A-7-26(a)(2)]