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Alabama Rules of Disciplinary Procedure

All rules are in pdf format.

Rule 1. Jurisdiction.
Rule 2. Grounds for discipline.
Rule 3. Nature of proceedings.
Rule 4. The Disciplinary Board of the Alabama State Bar.
Rule 4.1. The Disciplinary Board of the Alabama State Bar - Transitional provision.
Rule 4.2. The disciplinary hearing officer of the Alabama State Bar.
Rule 5. The Disciplinary Commission of the Alabama State Bar.
Rule 5.1. The Board of Disciplinary Appeals of the Alabama State Bar.
Rule 6. The General Counsel.
Rule 7. Local grievance committees.
Rule 8. Types of discipline.
Rule 8.1. Prediscipline Diversion Program.
Rule 9. Noncompliance with the Alabama state bar client security fund rules.
Rule 10. Noncompliance with the Alabama state bar mandatory continuing legal
education rules.
Rule 11. Noncompliance with Alabama state bar interest on lawyer trust account rules.
Rule 12. Procedures.
Rule 12.1. Procedures - Transitional provision.
Rule 13. Refusal of complainant to proceed, compromise, etc.
Rule 14. Matters involving related pending civil or criminal legislation.
Rule 15. Immunity.
Rule 16. Filing and service of formal charges.
Rule 17. Subpoena power, witnesses, and pre-trial proceedings.
Rule 18. Conduct not subject to disciplinary action.
Rule 19. Hearings.
Rule 20. Interim suspension and summary suspension.
Rule 21. Probation.
Rule 22. Mandatory suspension or disbarment.
Rule 23. Disbarment by consent.
Rule 24. Discipline by consent.
Rule 25. Reciprocal discipline.
Rule 26. Disbarred or suspended lawyers or lawyers on disability inactive status.
Rule 27. Transfer to disability inactive status.
Rule 28. Reinstatement.
Rule 29. Appointment of trustee or supervising lawyer to protect the interests of a
lawyer and the lawyer's clients.
Rule 30. Confidentiality.
Rule 31. Time within which formal disciplinary proceedings must be instituted.
Rule 32. Record keeping.
Rule 33. Publication and costs.
Rule 34. Effective date.
Rule 35. Disqualification.
Rule 36. Unauthorized practice of law proceeding.
Appendix A. Petition for Reinstatement.