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Alabama Rules of Juvenile Procedure

All rules are in pdf format.

Rule 1. General procedure and time limitations.
Rule 2. Juvenile court judge - Assignment.
Rule 2.1 Referees. [Rescinded.]
Rule 3. Juvenile court judge - Administrative authority.
Rule 4. Probation officers. [Rescinded.]
Rule 5. Chief probation officer.
Rule 5.1. Salary subsidies for juvenile probation officers.
Rule 6. Volunteers in juvenile court.
Rule 7. Administrative reports. [Rescinded.]
Rule 8. Juvenile court intake officers.
Rule 8.1. Juvenile court magistrates.
Rule 9. Designation of detention or shelter care facility.
Rule 10. Disruptive behavior in detention. [Omitted.]
Rule 11. Rights of the child. [Rescinded.]
Rule 12. Initiation of cases.
Rule 13. Issuance of notices and service of summons.
Rule 14. Appearance of counsel.
Rule 15. Informal adjustment.
Rule 15.1. Juvenile Conference Committees.
Rule 16. Continuance under supervision without adjudication - Consent
decree. [Rescinded.]
Rule 17. Amending juvenile petition.
Rule 18. Release of confidential juvenile court statistical information.
Rule 19. Confidentiality of law enforcement records. [Rescinded.]
Rule 20. Record of juvenile court proceedings.
Rule 21. Admissibility of child's statement. [Rescinded.]
Rule 22. Right to counsel. [Rescinded.]
Rule 23. Scheduling hearings - Waiver.
Rule 24. Conduct of adjudicatory hearings or taking of admissions.
Rule 25. Findings and orders.
Rule 26. Court costs.
Rule 27. Modification. [Rescinded.]
Rule 28. Appeals.
Rule 29. Title. [Rescinded.]
Rule 30. Effective date. [Rescinded.]
Rule 31. Procedure for making a parent, legal guardian, or legal custodian a party.
Rule 32. Foster Care Permanency Hearing. [Rescinded.]