Alabama Appellate Courts

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I access appellate opinions?
Supreme Court opinions and special writings (beginning October 2013) are located on the Supreme Court page of this website. Opinions of the Court of Civil Appeals (beginning May 2014) and the Court of Criminal Appeals (beginning November 2014) are located on the website of those courts. If you are looking for an opinion before these dates, please contact the State Law Library.

How do I contact a particular justice or judge on the appellate courts?
Please direct your inquiry to the appropriate court of service. The Supreme Court, Court of Civil Appeals, and Court of Criminal Appeals all reside at 300 Dexter Avenue, Montgomery, Alabama 36104. Email access is not provided. Here are the telephone numbers:
  • Supreme Court: 334.229.0700
  • Court of Civil Appeals: 334.229.0733
  • Court of Criminal Appeals: 334.229.0751
How do I request a Certificate of Admission or a Certificate of Good Standing from the Supreme Court?
Certificate requests may be made through the Certificate Request page of this website.

I need legal help and my resources are limited. What do I do?
By law, the appellate and library staff cannot provide legal advice; you may email questions to the Supreme Court and State Law Library's Reference Librarian or call them at 1.800.236.4069 or 334.229.0578 for assistance in other matters.

If you have questions which can be answered by checking the Code of Alabama, go to the Alabama Legislature's website to conduct a search on the Code, Constitution, or pending legislation.

If you need an attorney, the Alabama State Bar has a Lawyer Referral Service for a fee. Call 334.269.1515 or 1.800.392.5660 or email . If you are unable to afford an attorney, contact Legal Services Alabama, through their website.

I have a school report due, where can I find information on Alabama's legal system?
Look on our Appellate Overview page. For more general historical information, please visit the Education page on the Alabama Department of Archives and History's site. There are also some neat things at the Secretary of State's Kids Center.

I have questions concerning child support. Where do I go?
The Alabama Department of Human Resources handles child support matters. You can find other child support information, including forms, online at the Administrative Office of Courts website.

Where can I find the child support guidelines (Rule 32)?
Information about Child Support is found on the Administrative Office of Court web site. Find Rule 32, Alabama Rules of Judicial Administration, here .

I'm looking for legal resources for a family law problem, where do I find help?
The Administrative Office of Courts website has a division for family Court. Additionally, Alabama Legal Help provides information on their website.

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