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Alabama Rules of Appellate Procedure

All rules are in pdf format.
Rule 1. Scope of rules.
Rule 2. Penalties for noncompliance with these rules; suspension of rules.
Rule 3. Appeal as of right - How taken.
Rule 4. Appeal as of right - When taken.
Rule 5. Appeal by permission.
Rule 6. Omitted.
Rule 7. Security for costs on appeal in civil cases.
Rule 8. Stay or injunction pending appeal.
Rule 9. Release in criminal cases.
Rule 10. The record on appeal.
Rule 11. Completion and transmission of the record.
Rule 12. Docketing of the appeal; docket fee; filing of the record.
Rule 13. Transmission of original item from the trial court.
Rule 14. Use of recording devices.
Rule 15. Overruling cases.
Rule 16. Court sitting in divisions.
Rule 17. Duties of clerks.
Rule 18. Certified questions from federal courts.
Rule 19. Omitted.
Rule 20. Assignment of error not required.
Rule 21. Writs of mandamus and prohibition directed to a judge or judges and other extraordinary writs.
Rule 22. Appeals in habeas corpus.
Rule 23. Omitted.
Rule 24. Proceedings in forma pauperis.
Rule 25. Filing and service.
Rule 25A. Signing briefs, motions, and other papers; representations to court.
Rule 26. Computation and extension of time.
Rule 27. Motions.
Rule 28. Briefs.
Rule 28A. Supplemental Briefs on Return to Remand.
Rule 28B. Notice of Supplemental Authority.
Rule 29. Briefs of an amicus curiae.
Rule 30. Omitted.
Rule 31. Filing and service of briefs.
Rule 32. Form and length of briefs, petitions, motions, and other papers; noncompliance.
Rule 33. Prehearing conference.
Rule 33A. Appointment and use of appellate expert.
Rule 34. Oral argument.
Rule 35. Costs.
Rule 35A. Docket fees.
Rule 36. Copies of opinions and entry of judgment.
Rule 37. Interest on judgments.
Rule 38. Damages for frivolous appeal.
Rule 39. Petitions for writ of certiorari - Review of decisions of courts of appeal.
Rule 40. Applications for rehearing.
Rule 41. Issuance of certificate of judgment; stay of certificate of judgment.
Rule 42. Voluntary dismissal.
Rule 43. Substitution of parties.
Rule 44. Constitutional questions.
Rule 45. Error without injury.
Rule 45A. Scope of review in death cases.
Rule 45B. Scope of review in cases other than death cases.
Rule 46. Roll of attorneys.
Rule 47. Agreements in writing.
Rule 48. Contempt of court as penalty for willful noncompliance with these rules.
Rule 49. Title; effective date.
Rule 50. Forms.
Rule 51. Definitions.
Rule 52. Anonymity in appellate proceedings, opinions, and case styles.
Rule 53. Opinions and "no opinion" cases of the Supreme Court and the Court of Civil Appeals.
Rule 54. Opinions and "no opinion" cases of the Court of Criminal Appeals.
Rule 55. Appellate mediation.
Rule 56. Redaction of personal data identifiers in documents filed with the appellate courts.
Rule 57. Electronic Filing and Service.
Form A. Notice Regarding Attachments.
Form B. Declaration of Technological Difficulties and Motion to Accept as Timely Filed.


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