Supreme Court and State Law Library

Supreme Court and State Law Library

Technical Services Division

Although it remains in the background of the library, the Technical Services Division can be considered the core of the library. This division supports the mission of the library by acquiring and maintaining a comprehensive and viable collection of legal resources and ensuring that those legal resources are accessible to the courts and to other library users.

The Technical Services Division handles ordering of new or updated materials, physical processing of those materials when they are received, invoicing of those materials for payment, cataloging of those resources, maintaining the library’s online catalog system, and distributing materials to the offices of the appellate courts. Technical Services staff can answer questions about:

  • Whether a publication has been ordered
  • Whether a particular publication has been received
  • Distribution of materials
  • Latest pocket parts or supplements available
  • Invoice and payment inquiries

The Technical Services Division is staffed by one librarian and two paraprofessionals.

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